My week in instagram pictures

Time started: 20.07
Listening: Let's Misbehave - Elvis Costello - De-Lovely OST

1. Vintage inspired corset from #Modcloth arrived
2. Hopjes dessert @ Gember
3. Ticket to the museum night
4. Crockery from 1955 @ Museumnacht Den Haag
5. Installation of white Chinese porcelain by Hans van Bentem @ Museumnacht Den Haag
6. Hans van Bentem @ Museumnacht
7. Installation in colored Chinese Museumnacht  Den Haag
8. Between old & new: tussen Tweede Kamer & Binnenhof

Time ended: 20.59
Watching: American Dad - Hot Water (Little Shop of Horrors parody) [Comedy Central]

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