The one behind the blog: Interviews

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Wit blog is door Roos van uitgekozen voor de rubriek 'Blog in het zonnetje'. Roos heeft mij geïnterviewd en dat interview is nu te lezen op haar blog Het interview gaat over bloggen en mijn passie voor theater.

Precious Places: Walt Disney World - Hollywood Studios

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

Disney's Hollywood Studios Disney World

Disney's Hollywood Studios is een park dat vergelijkbaar is met het Studios park in Frankrijk. Maar zoals alle Amerikaanse Disney equivalenten in Florida is dit park veel groter (en beter aangekleed) dan de Franse versie.

And the winner is... me!

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

[title of show]

Last week I won a competition! To enter I had to come up with an original idea for a musical. As a dramaturg I help other theatre makers to make the most of their work. I help them rethink, redevelop or rewrite the things they have come up with. But I never come up with new material (i.e. make a script myself, write music, etc). So I was really honored when the team of the musical [title of show], that is currently playing at the Landor Theatre in London, chose my idea as the winning idea! I won two tickets for the show. Alas, I got back from London just one day before they announced me as the winner. And I won't be returning before their last performance on the 14th of september.

So, dear readers, if any of you would like to go see [title of show] please drop me a line (via e-mail) and I'll make sure you get the tickets. Please let me know (in your e-mail) which performance from now until september 14th you would like to attend.

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