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Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

As you know, I love vintage photographs. I especially like collecting vintage photographs that aren't that regularly seen. For example: strange circumstances (rarely seen in photo's), daily life (rarely seen in photographs), people in exotic costumes, people in theatrical settings, women in dressing rooms, people inside vehicles, etc. Thanks to the Huffington Post I came across a site loaded with rare vintage photographs. Homo history is a blog entirely dedicated to vintage photographs which depict gay men and women. If you want to read the story behind this blog please read the interview in The Huffington Post.

In a lot of the posts on Homo History the following text message is included: "These photos are just a small fragment of our gay history; unfortunately so much of it has purposely been destroyed. Since most of the men and women in these photos are unknown, it's pretty much impossible to tell it they were a gay couple or just "good friends". Most photographs of gay couples were eventually destroyed by horrified family members. For every photo that I may have mistakenly identified as gay, thousands more were burned or torn into pieces to keep a family secret." 
All pictures below come from Homo History.

 photo septlez6_zpsc1bd494c.jpg

 photo auggaylez_zpsf5b00f08.jpg

 photo julygay8_zps3295b2a3.jpg

 photo auggay11_zps6a7890ea.jpg

 photo apgay14_zps0fa727da.jpg

 photo JUNGay6inlove_zpsd5a6d69e.jpg

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