... and that is who I am - Part II

Friday, 24 May 2013

Time started: 12.57

Part two of the ...and that is who I am tag.

 photo a12andthatis_zps5d2f04ee.png

 photo a13andthatis_zps017016b9.png
 photo a14andthatis_zps5868b009.png
 photo a15andthatis_zps89d81eb0.png
 photo a16andthatis_zpsccb63227.png
 photo a17andthatis_zpsf7601517.png
 photo a18andthatis_zps856f90de.png
 photo a19andthatis_zps21b0d1b6.png
 photo a20andthatis_zpsa046795b.png
 photo a21andthatis_zps7bb02fb6.png

Time ended: 13.06
Listening: Losing My Mind - Color and Light: Jazz Sketches On Sondheim

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