Empty former hospital

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

In June I wrote about the show Dolhuys Kermis, where I volunteered to do the supertitles. I promised then that I would also make photograph's of the former hospital that was the place where Dolhuys Kermis was performed. In the play the audience is taken on a tour through a 19th century sanatorium (then named Dolhuys in The Netherlands). Once a year people could buy a ticket to see the patients as if visiting a zoo. The overgrown garden and the long empty and shabby building are the perfect surrounding for the performance as put on by Opera2day. Production was kind enough to allow me to make some pictures to share with you. Of course a lot of what is seen in the pictures was created by the talented people of Opera2Day, but it's partly the charm of a neglected building as well. I hope you enjoy the photos I took.







Summerbreeze detail

Jugendstil chair

Plant growing inside


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  1. Woa, creepy. Maar wel heel gaaf. Ontzettend mooie blog heb je ook- ik volg je!


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